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Saturday, July 28, 2012


My text to my husband sometime on Friday.

Hey, tomorrow lets stay in our pajamas until noon, drink a whole pot of coffee, fix a big breakfast and watch the Olympics.

His response.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Today is Saturday.  And that is what we did.  Here is the delicious breakfast we enjoyed together while sitting on the couch and watching Olympic cycling.  My contribution was pouring the OJ and dishing up the yogurt.

  I would have preferred swimming or gymnastics to accompany my delicious breakfast, but cycling was still exciting, what with a few crashes on the curves and stuff.  It made me nervous to see all those spectators out in the road, though.  I mean to me, that is just inviting disaster. Oh well.

Alas, 12 noon arrived.  Time to trade pajamas for weekend attire.

"So what are you gonna do?" I asked my husband.

"Think I'll head in to town and pick up that starter and take it over to Steven to see if he can get my mower fixed.  Then I need to run by B.J.'s before one and pick up that recliner and take it to Sylvia. You?"

"Well I need to wash underwear today.  Maybe do some light house cleaning," I answered.

Just a nice, leisurely Saturday.

But then it happens to me.  I don't know why it happens,  My days used to be comprised of a series of straight lines with a beginning point and an ending point.  Tasks were started and finished.  Now most days I just go in circles.  Like today.

Note:  Bold print indicates my conversation with myself in my head.  Some conversations might have been audible.  Don't judge.

Laundry in.

Unload dishwasher.

Gosh this cabinet is a mess.

Pull all of the dishes out of the cabinet and organize.  Throw away chipped dishes.  Put cute antique silver serving spoons engraved with a "W" in a bowl because that is aesthetically pleasing to me. 

 So what if they are in a cabinet where the door is usually closed.  Every time I open the cabinet I will experience a moment of great, simple delight!  

Move a pitcher to a high cabinet, where household medicines live.

What a mess.  We don't use half of this stuff.  I have borderline high blood pressure anyway...this stuff could probably kill me.

Throw out everything but Advil, Imodium, Benydryl, BandAids and Todd's Asthma inhaler.

This medicine would look kind of cute all together in a little basket--like that one I have in the bathroom.

Retrieve basket from bathroom.  Fill with medicines and return filled basket to bathroom--where our medicines will now reside.

So cute.

I bet the washer is finished.  Better run put those undies in the dryer.

Sit down and play a song at the piano.

Gosh, there is Jake's graduation picture I never framed.  I'll just pull out that old picture in one of the frames and put Jake's picture in there. And there is Lainey's cute square picture I took when we went kayaking.  I know I have a square frame in that armoire in the living room.

Unload armoire, because it appears the square frame is in a stack of frames on the very bottom.  Re-load armoire after it turns out the square frame was actually not where I thought it was.

I can't believe I let the M&M bowl get empty.

Go to the pantry to get the bag of M&M's.

No telling how old all those little packages of oatmeal are--although they do look really cute all piled up in that bowl.   I need to just throw them out.

Throw out oatmeal.

I better get another trash bag, because Todd is going to be so irritated with me for making these bags so heavy.  You know what, I might as well clean out those lower cabinets since I have this big empty bag.  Maybe even the upper cabinets.

Throw out:   one used paint stir stick,  one old tea kettle, 10 plastic crystal cups left over from a baby shower I gave prior to 1994 (not kidding), a stack of directions to small appliances we no longer have, 11 cans of  mostly empty spray paint, a box of staple gun staples with about 8 staples left in it.   A chipped vase.  Found:  a full can of Lysol spray, a full refill container of Dial hand soap,  an unopened package of steel wool, one of those cool little openers for paint cans,  a brand new container of mirror chalk and a laminated placemat my oldest son Adam made me for Mother's Day in 1993.

Oops... was that my phone?  Think I left it on the couch.

Olympic volleyball game happening on the TV.

Oh, I always really loved playing volleyball.  Gosh, the rules are totally different now.  Those tight shorts are really not thigh-flattering even to the most slender girls!

Drink a glass of OJ while watching team USA play Korea.  Glance over and see empty M&M bowl.  Oh yeah.  Get M&Ms from pantry and refill bowl.

I love that old M&M bowl.  You know, the little old pink bowl I have would look really cute in my bedroom.  Where is that bowl?

Go on hunt for pink bowl.  Find pink bowl on shelf in closet, Put pink bowl on table in bedroom.  See vacuum cleaner.

While I have those cabinets empty in the kitchen, I should go suck the dust out of them.

Take vacuum cleaner in kitchen.  Plug it in.

Those flowers Todd brought me are so pretty---but they are kind of in the way on the kitchen counter.  They would look great on that other little table though.  But then what will I do with that cute centerpiece on the silver tray?   I could put it on that footstool/table by the piano.   Oh yeah, let me just change out that picture frame for Jake's picture.  First, I need to put that piano book in my bag before I forget it.   I love that song, but it would be easier for my music students to sing it in the key of C.

Transpose "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".   Return music book to bag.  Phone beeps.

Where is my phone?  What?  It's already 2:30?  I need to jump in the shower--oops, better throw those undies in the dryer.  Wonder if Todd will have eaten when he gets home because the kitchen isn't quite finished yet.  Wonder what the score is on the volleyball game?  Oh, those Zinnias are dead in the vase in the living room.  I should go pick some fresh ones real quick.  While I'm outside I should bring that suitcase in from the car.  Gosh my car is filthy.  Maybe I'll wash it today.  Gosh, the dogs are filthy.  Maybe we'll bathe them today.  But if I do that, there is no sense in showering now...oh yeah...the undies...I never put them in the dryer.

Head to laundry room.  Spot dog treats.

Oh poor Lefty hasn't had one of these in a few days....Lefty...come here boy.....

Feed Lefty a treat after he lies down, jumps up, gives me a high-five and speaks.

I should take a picture and email it to Adam.  Or maybe I should write a blog.

Help me.  Please.  Someone?  
Make the madness stop.

Still sitting on my kitchen floor awaiting my decision regarding their demise.

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  1. LOL - I'm really impressed it was only 2:30 after you did all that stuff! You are pretty productive even in your flitting from one thing to another!

    Would you please come flit about my house?!