I take great joy in observing life. I spend a lot of time pondering my observations. So, one day I thought I would write them down. These are my ponderings. -dana

Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh the things that I think....

    So...now I'm 50.  As impossible as that seems, my birth certificate and my age spots (let's call them "freckles") assure me that it is true.  In addition, there are terribly tacky "forces of nature"  that are my constant companion nowadays.  They must be reckoned with as I enter this new, baffling phase of life.  Here are a few.  Where has all my memory gone? Why does my knee pop when it's in this position?  Why can't the phone book printer people use a 14 point font instead of an eight point font?  Why are most public restrooms in the mall up the escalator, down the hall and all the way to the back?  And these are just a few of my nicer "acquaintances".  However, because I am hoping to adhere to a certain level of decorum here, I'll refrain from mentioning others.

   Although it might seem from the first paragraph of this posting that my blog will be about aging, that's not the case.  Really,  it's more about after-thoughts.  When you've lived 50 years, there are a lot of those!

  I've been a writer for all of my adult life.  I've written press releases and magazine articles.  I've written commercials selling everything from healthcare to vacations to septic tanks.  I've written short plays and newsletters.   Mostly, I've written about OTHER things and OTHER people.  This blog is about what's on MY heart.  It's about family and faith.  It's about friends and funny stuff. 

  I have learned that the most lovely moments in life happen when there is no camera around...in fact, they are moments that simply cannot be digitally translated.  They are moments that just sort of sit and marinate in our hearts for awhile.  Then, at the perfect time, those moments are ours for the telling.  Or in my case, for the writing.  These are my ponderings.


  1. soooooo excited that YOU are doing this!!!...from the days of reading your 'news from under the pews', i have been a fan of your musings!!!...happy pondering and can't wait till your next PONDER....ps...please use initials to protect the guilty!!!...ha!

  2. This is indeed the year. I'm glad you and Nat are going first! I'll just follow the, um, trail!